Vancouver Plastic Cards

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are used as a way to encourage customer loyalty and retention. Because our loyalty cards are the same size and shape as a standard credit cards, they immediately convey a sense of value to the consumer. Loyalty cards can be used to track customer spending and to reward customers with added discounts and rewards.

Our plastic loyalty cards are printed digitally and can be customized with variable data, names, account numbers, numbers, and addresses. Our loyalty cards are very durable: both water and weather proof. Loyalty cards can be easily customized for nearly any common application. If you are not sure what you need, we are happy to consult with you and recommend the loyalty card printing solution that best meets your requirements.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are a way to offer membership based benefits to your customers and build incentives. These cards also give the holder access to special discounts, rewards, promotions and privileges that will keep them coming back and attract new clients via the cheapest form of advertising around: word of mouth. We can tailor your cards to include unique names, account numbers, addresses and more using variable data.

Plastic VIP Passes and Event Passes

VIP Cards are a common marketing tool used in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, as a way to encourage customer loyalty and retention. Because our VIP cards are the same size and shape as a standard credit card, they immediately convey a sense of value to a hospitality client. Print your own custom VIP cards in order to reward your best patrons with added discounts and incentives to encourage repeat business and loyalty.

Plastic VIP cards can also be used as event passes, and staff access passes. They can be printed with holes drilled for attachment to lanyards, so they may be worn around the neck.

Offset Plastic Cards

Offset plastic cards are the most cost effective way to create large quantities of plastic cards. Our minimum order for Offset plastic cards is 500 units. All our offset plastic cards are printed on 3mm thick white plastic stock. We can print these cards using one, two, three or four colours, (full colour CMYK). Offset plastic cards are printed at a size of 3.377″ x 2.127″, and are available printed on one or both sides.

Thermal Die Sublimation Cards

Thermal Die Sublimation Cards are terrific for printing lower quantity short runs. Need to quickly create a few VIP or staff passes for an event? Only require a small number of discount or membership cards? Then thermal die sublimated plastic cards are the way to go.

Our TDS Cards are printed on a variety of colored plastic cards. We can use color, black or foil ink, which is then thermal fused onto the plastic card. Using foil against a black or a dark colored background really makes the text pop and the cards stand out. Gold ink on white plastic, and silver ink on black plastic are two of the most popular color combinations we offer.

Our Thermal Die cards can also be numbered and have custom names placed on them, using variable data, for an additional fee.