Bumper Stickers Vancouver

Are you looking to print custom bumper stickers for your business? Well, look no further! PrintPrint offers bumper sticker printing at affordable prices in Vancouver, BC.

While marketers around the world love to talk about the value of Google campaigns and other digital marketing techniques, there are still a few classic marketing tools out there that haven’t lost their value. Bumper stickers are one of those tools.

Our bumper stickers serve as a powerful way to market your business to a local demographic. While it may seem simple, having your brand and contact details on the back of your customers cars can be a great way to generate leads.

When matched with an attention-grabbing design, bumper stickers can get a lot of eye-traffic from drivers at traffic lights, or even pedestrians strolling past a parking bay. At PrintPrint, we specialize in maximizing your potential to capture those potential leads.

Our bumper stickers are economical to print and can be fully customized with your own logos, graphics, and designs. They can be printed in a variety of sizes using either digital or offset printing technology, and we also offer die-cutting at an additional cost.

Bumper stickers can be sold separately to customers at a point-of-sale or given away for free in order to promote your business. Our customers often giveaway their stickers through swag bags or by simply handing them out to foot traffic at trade fairs or other events. They can also be placed on your company and personal cars for a little extra marketing boost.

For best results, we recommend printing car stickers on our high-quality vinyl stock as it is very durable. They can also be laminated for extra durability in harsh weather conditions and come equipped with high-quality adhesive. We also stock high-tack adhesive for more permanent solutions.

If you’re after a something a little more attention-grabbing, we also print full car decals to help your company cars stand out from the crowd. If you’re stuck on designing your stickers, we also offer in-house design services to help you along.

For more information and a custom quote on our bumper sticker printing services, please contact us today. Meanwhile, check out some of our samples below to get those creative juices flowing!

Samples of Our Bumper Stickers