The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Card

May 28, 2015

In the digital day and age, plenty of people out there are skipping the traditional business card, and even saying they are a thing of the past, gone the way of the fax machine and the telephone box. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Business cards can help you get helped you get noticed the right way, and make contacts that will last longer than checking out someone’s profile on Linkedin ever could. In case you’re still unconvinced, here’s a 5 reasons why business cards are still one of the best tools in the business:

Sharing Info Online is Impersonal

why you need business cards

Making contacts online is increasingly important: it’s easy, it allows you to make contacts you would not necessarily have been able to make otherwise, and it can get you noticed if done right. But all of these advantages also create a huge disadvantage; because networking online is so easy, it’s also very impersonal. Commenting on an article, sending someone an email or chatting with other professionals online might get you noticed if you’re lucky, but it’s hardly going to make you stand out. In contrast, meeting someone in person gives you a chance to make a lasting impression, and handing them a business card ensures you’ll be remembered.

Be Remembered at Events

Networking events, job fairs, even casual social gatherings can give you opportunities to make contacts, meet people, and exchange info with other professionals. Unfortunately, these opportunities will be wasted if the people you meet can’t remember how they know you later. Even if you make a great first impression, handing someone a business card and following up with a friendly note or email after meeting, will help cement the connection, and make it easier for your new contacts to associate a name with your face. 

Look Professional

Find out why you SHOULD have a business card

Scribbling someone’s name on a napkin–or the modern equivalent, saving it in your phone–might be ok in a bar, but at a professional event it makes you look like an amateur. And no one wants to hire or work with an amateur. Handing someone a nice business card proves you came prepared and ready to cut to the chase. 

Creativity Gets You Noticed

 Business cards are an opportunity to be creative, and well-executed creativity will get you noticed, and help you be remembered. Being creative doesn’t mean go crazy: glitter bombs and crazy colours should probably be avoided. On the other hand, tasteful colours, embossing, and interesting additions such as perforations or unusual sizes are all great to consider. Don’t hesitate to contact our design team or talk to our customer service experts for suggestions. 

Take Advantage of an Inexpensive Marketing Tool

 Business cards are still one of the most cost-effective ways to get your name out there and build your brand. No need to buy a billboard or costly advertising to start to make a name for yourself in your chosen sector. If you are looking to print a smaller number of cards, digital printing is probably your best option. If you are going to a large convention or event and want to have over 500 cards handy, you might want to look into offset printing, which offers lower costs for larger print runs. 

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