Product Stickers

At PrintPrint, we offer the most affordable product stickers in Vancouver, BC.

Product stickers are extremely powerful marketing tools. They allow you to directly communicate with your client and present your brand the way you’ve always imagined.

Having an attractive label on your products can mean the difference between selling out your stock or having surplus that you just can’t get out the door. All of your products should be on brand with your own designs/logos and convey important information to your customers.

Our product stickers allow you to do just that. They can be completely customized to fit your needs, and printed on a variety of material. They also come with different adhesives to make sure they stay on in various storage conditions.

In addition to general product stickers, we also print high-quality food labels that fit all regulation standards and kraft stickers for an eco-friendly alternative.

If you’re stuck for design ideas, check out this article by Creative Pro to get those creative juices flowing, or work with our in-house team of design experts.

For samples of our products, check out the images below and contact us today for an accurate quote on your upcoming project.

Product Sticker Samples